“Pure adrenaline!”

How the Audi Sport drivers club rewards customers for their loyalty

Members of the Audi Sport drivers club recently had the chance to enjoy an exclusive opportunity — a look behind the scenes in a place where all others are met by closed doors. Audi blog author Anna Maria Brandt reveals which prototypes they got to see, and how to become part of the customer relations program.

Tafel beim Behind the Scenes Event
Audi Sport thanked customers for their loyalty with a gala dinner.

“Design creates emotion — and that’s what Audi Sport is all about,” says Michael-Julius Renz to his attentive listeners. The CEO of Audi Sport GmbH is seated at a long table, enjoying dinner with twenty customers. His words sound like a declaration of love — for his company, but even more so for his customers, the Audi Sport fans. “People like you truly live every moment — and that attitude is exactly what Audi Sport stands for.”

It’s also exactly what the Audi Sport drivers club program is designed for.


Customer relations program: Audi Sport shows its appreciation

The Audi Sport drivers club is Audi’s way of thanking its customers for their loyalty.  It was created in May 2018, and membership is growing rapidly. Owners of all R and RS models can register online for membership, which allows them to take advantage of exclusive offers, get insights into upcoming model ranges, and have a chance to join like-minded fans at extremely exclusive, fee-based international events. In other words, the program offers a superlative brand experience.

As the schedule of events for 2018 winds down, planning for 2019 is in full swing. Customers will soon have access to an online members-only Audi Sport platform with exclusive information.

Many fans are eager to join the exclusive events

Hundreds of registrations for only 20 spots — fans were eager to join the behind-the-scenes event hosted by the Audi Sport drivers club this year. No wonder: the Audi R8 factory and the Audi Sport plant in Neckarsulm are normally strictly off-limits for anyone who is not an Audi employee. Audi’s high-performance models are developed and produced there under a shroud of the utmost secrecy. In the end, the spots for this event were awarded by lottery.

gedeckter Tisch

A lot of people were interested in participating in the event. In the end, a lottery decided on who would receive an invitation.

That’s how the program looks like

The first day of the event. Before the actual start of the event, the participants’ mobile devices are put under seal — everything that they will see and hear today is subject to strict secrecy. The day starts off in the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm with a detailed tour of the Audi A8 body shop and measuring technology. “It’s a very special feeling to have direct access to the people who make the cars and to have the chance to ask them all the burning questions you’ve always had,” a guest said euphorically.
The next stop is Böllinger Höfe, the production site of the Audi R8. Two racing legends are standing at the ready: an Audi R8 LMS GT3 and an Audi R8 LMS GT4. Is it OK to touch them? Of course, it is. The participants even get a chance to try out the seats for themselves.

Audi Sport Gebäude Neckarsulm
Aside from the car design, Audi incorporates modern design into its company buildings.

Back to the plant in Neckarsulm. “Particularly sensitive high-security area,” reads the sign on the door leading to the motor test benches. It’s warm. There’s a scent of oil in the air. The reason quickly becomes clear: a 5-cylinder motor is undergoing an endurance test. The testing time can total up to 1,200 hours.

Audi Sport Ausstellungshalle
Modern design meets sportiness – in this exhibition hall, people can marvel at the latest Audi models.

“Today we’re going to see a short excerpt of the endurance run. That’s the last step in the motor development process,” explains one of the employees. “All right, let’s get this thing fired up!” Without knowing it, the participants are approaching the highlight of the day. “This is the heart and birthplace of the R and RS models,” gushes Jan-Philipp Heuveldop, Audi Sport drivers club project manager, as the group finally arrives in the development workshop. “You can’t normally come in here — not under any circumstance.” And there’s a good reason for that: we suddenly find ourselves face to face with several RS prototypes that are subject to absolute secrecy. Which ones they are? Top secret, of course 😉

R8 LMS GT4 and R8 Spyder — Audi Sport at its best

If the participants hadn’t already given the impression that they wanted to jump in the cars and drive away, they do now. And they don’t have to wait long to get their wish — even if they’re only passengers for now. Pierre Karrer, one of Germany’s best race car drivers, takes his place behind the wheel to drive the guests around the test track in the R8 LMS GT4. “Pure adrenaline!” a customer whispers as he climbs out of the car. He says it more to himself than to the group, but it still earns a nod and a wide grin from his neighbor.

And it’s a grin that continues right into the second day, as the customers head off to the picturesque Neckar river valley — in nothing less than the Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus.

R8 Modelle in einer Reihe

The Audi Sport guests drove through the Neckar Valley with the all-new Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus.

A brand experience at the highest level

With the establishment of the Audi Sports drivers club, Audi offers a variety of unique events and experiences to the club’s members. The customer loyalty program was first initiated in May 2018 and continues to grow.

A Audi R8 LMS GT4 for people to experience – they were also invited to take a seat and experience the car first-hand.
The R8 has a special meaning at Audi: no other model is as closely related to motorsports.
What a view: the R8 leading car can be looked at from a close distance.

A Audi R8 LMS GT4 for people to experience – they were also invited to take a seat and experience the car first-hand.


The R8 has a special meaning at Audi: no other model is as closely related to motorsports.


What a view: the R8 leading car can be looked at from a close distance.


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Ted Dannemiller

6. December 2018 um 14:58
Please help me find the registration/join link! I own a TT RS (8J) and I do many events via Audi Club North America and fellow enthusiasts!


Stephanie Huber

10. December 2018 um 8:34
Hey Ted,

our team of the Audi Sport drivers club has already sent you an email to help you with the registration:)



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