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Anna-Maria Brandt


As a child, I wanted to become an author. Or a musician, or an actress. Something artistic, at any rate. Then I studied media in college. And now I support the Audi Sport team and write for the Audi blog — so my dream did come true! And the melodic sounds of some of the Audi models even quench my thirst for musical enjoyment. The only thing is that, in front of the camera, the TT always steals the show. But who knows, maybe we’ll still get to star in a romance together...

My wheels spin out of control when I meet negative people who complain about everything. And when someone in front of me is going at a snail’s pace.
What I need in the morning to get my engine going is music — usually I have a song stuck in my head as soon as I wake up.
My favorite emoji:
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