Bild des Influencers
Bild des Influencers

Jan Weizenecker


That’s how life usually goes: Your parents have a lot of fun, marry each other, your mum gets pregnant – or maybe it’s the other way round. Then they sell their dearly loved convertible to buy something „useful“. As a kid, you hit the jackpot when you move to the throne that is the SUV’s children’s seat. However, it was different for me. My first mobile memories were transport journeys in the trunk of a Porsche 944. Sure, who would want to miss out on his two-seater sports car just because the family has a new member? Without a trauma, but hooked ever since, a lot in my life was centered around cars. The necessary amount of humor and an academic background in economics help with the coverage on the online magazine – reporting about something I love.

My engine starts running in the morning, when I hit the snooze button about 15 times and then go on to have a winner’s breakfast :)
My wheels start spinning when I cannot turn of the „ESC“ and notorious left-side drivers
My latest SMS: Could you maybe bring a suitcase with free fresh briefs, a blue suit and two white dress shirts to the airport?

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