Audi SQ5 erklimmt Berg mit Bergpanorama

#Männersache: Only for the tough guys?

The Audi SQ5 in survival training

Strong, reliable and fast – taking the Audi SQ5 TFSI to a survival training in the Spanish mountains. Blogger Niloufar Behradi took part and recounts how she rose to nature’s challenges with the athletic SUV.

Niloufar Behradi beim Klettern an der Felswand.
Niloufar Behradi while climbing the rock face.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always been a funloving child. Starting in my youth, I tried a lot of different things that were considered to be things only boys did. I used to play in Germany’s sole women’s baseball team. Since there were no other female teams, we had to compete against men. A lot of fun and bruises included.

So I didn’t think twice about joining when Audi invited me to a tour with the new SQ5 and named the whole event #Männersache. A couple of weeks later, I boarded a plane to Spain.

How convincing is the SQ5’s performance on terrain?

On the first day, the event starts at sunrise. The day’s agenda: To challenge the SQ5 on as many different road surfaces as possible. The athletic SUV is being dared to show what it can do. In the serpentines of the Spanish province of Alicante, I am to test the SQ5’s handling in a root and branch review. In the last months, I solely drove on straight roads, so it took my stomach some time to get used to the winding streets. Wondering what helps the most with this issue? Exactly, sitting behind the steering wheel yourself.

Shortly after taking over control, I am getting into the flow and start accelerating considerably. I let the engine rev up and feel the power of the 354 PS strong engine. This is rather untypical for me, since I only accelerate rapidly, when I trust the car. And that can take some time. I need to feel absolutely certain of being able to drive higher speed in curves without being thrown off course.

What influences my trust in a car even more, is a clear and reliable navigation. In my view that is the best guide a driver can have and it always has a calming effect on me. What is strenuous and considerably annoying are navigational systems that struggle with new areas and have to constantly calculate alternative routes. While being in the Spanish outback, I can rely on the SQ5.

Der Audi SQ5 TDI im Gelände.

On the first day of #Männersache, the SQ5 was driven on different grounds. The goal? Doing a root and branch review.

Sporting performance thanks to high flexibility and a smart distribution of powers

Diverse terrain needs the highest possible flexibility on all wheels and axis for creating a calm and steady car handling. For dynamic curve driving, the car thinks ahead. Most thrilling for me is that the SQ5 comes with a software that slows down the inner wheels. It’s always noticeable when we power up the serpentines. Holding a steady curve, driving as if on rails and super light steering, similar to a compact car: The SQ5 bursts with a sporting performance thanks to high flexibility and a smart power distribution. Intelligence and the quattro four-wheel drive – this combination is what captivates me most about the Audi SQ5.

While carefully advancing through rough terrain with the SUV, I activate the lift and off-road modus. This electronically operated air suspension with an adaptive damping system on all four wheels prevents the driver from feeling like being the spin cycle in the washing machine. Additionally, the lift and off-road modus takes care of enabling increased spatial freedom between the car’s underside and the terrain.

The quattro engine of mankind and machine

Even though the navigational system tells me that I have reached my destination, the tour is not over yet. Excitedly, I get out of the car and am immediately greeted by the mountain guide Federico San Sebastian. Shortly afterwards it dawns on me: Now it’s the turn of the human quattro engine. Together with Federico, I start climbing a short, but no less steep and exhausting part of the mountain.  

With concentration and foresight, I slowly climb up. I can see a parallel to the SQ5: Security through the ropes and the guide, foresight through the perception of the terrain and the adjusted movements. The car’s robotic – meaning the automatic and calculated interaction between the car’s hardware and software – functions similarly.

Guide Federico San Sebastian erklärt die nächsten Schritte.
Guide Federico San Sebastian explains the next steps on the way to the top.

To get back down, you need to climb down an even steeper mountain face. For safeguarding, I attach a rope to a tree and the SQ5’s rear wheel. Now it is all about technique and trust. Federico talks me through every step. Then suddenly, I find myself at the cliff and trust on all the ropes to hold me. At first, it is a strange feeling, but when you finally turn off the monkey in your head – that is what I call the feelings of fear and fright that distract me from the essential things – and start to make use of what you learned, the feeling gets much better.

Slowly, I let the ropes glide through the snap hook. To hold my balance and the necessary gap between me and the rock face, I carefully push my legs against the mountain. Being a bit shaky, I am back on the ground and have to let out a cry of joy. Proudly, we make our way back in the SQ5 – it’s a great feeling to rely on the car’s quattro engine again.

A car for all seasons: The new SQ5 is the perfect companion on all grounds.

What an athletic appearance: The Audi SQ5 TFSI in a turning maneuver.
#Männersache: An exciting outdoor and survival trainings with the Audi SQ5 TFSI.
Difficult terrain is no problem for the Audi SQ5 TFSI.
Passing narrow mountain roads gets easy with the SQ5 thanks to its quattro engine and intelligent software.

What an athletic appearance: The Audi SQ5 TFSI in a turning maneuver.


#Männersache: An exciting outdoor and survival trainings with the Audi SQ5 TFSI.


Difficult terrain is no problem for the Audi SQ5 TFSI.


Passing narrow mountain roads gets easy with the SQ5 thanks to its quattro engine and intelligent software.

Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI
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