Daniel Reitzig mit Laserscanner in Hand vor Audi A8

A laser with a view

Quality assurance at the laser scanner

The self-driving car – a dream that Daniel Reitzig is realizing with his work in the Audi quality assurance. His task: to accompany the development of a laser scanner and a front radar sensor in terms of quality assurance. Blog author Lisa Niermann and Charlotte Seybold looked over his shoulder.

Daniel Reitzig mit Laserscanner in Hand vor Audi A8
Daniel Reitzig, mechanical engineer, has been responsible for the quality assurance of the laser scanner and the front radar in the Audi A8 since more than two years.

‘It was difficult for me to hand over control for the first time’, explains Daniel Reitzig as he recalls his first test drive in the new Audi A8. Because a good two years ago, he was told to put his hands away from the steering wheel. Since then, the 29-year-old mechanical engineer has been responsible for the care of the laser scanner and the front radar sensor – from the start of the project right through to sign-off for the customer. The Audi A8 is the first car that is capable of Level 3 autonomous driving – thanks to the front radar sensor. And Reitzig puts it to the test.

Its large included angle is able to identify objects, such as vehicles moving out of line, very early on, and sends the information to the central driver assistance control system (zFAS) that, in turn, is able to react faster.

Technical innovations like the traffic jam pilot and the turn assist in the Audi A8 would not be conceivable without the laser scanner.

‘It’s my job to identify problems and defects, find a solution and eliminate them across the board,’ sums up Reitzig. People come to him when changes and difficulties arise in ongoing processes. Reitzig then contacts the corresponding supplier and travels with his experts to their plants in order to address the challenges. The final customer sign-off is his and his boss’s responsibility: without it, no Audi will roll off the assembly line.

Beschriftete Detailskizze Laserscanner

The laser scanner is situated in the front bumper of the Audi A8 and emits moderated pulses of light. Thus objects of every kind can be recognized and measured – no matter at what speed and even in the dark.

The way of the laser scanner onto the streets

You could almost say: the laser scanner is Reitzig’s baby. Prior to production, he worked with his colleagues in technical development and production to write specification documents in which requirements were set out and errors precluded. The contracted supplier used these specifications to develop an initial product, which was examined by Reitzig and specialists from quality assurance and technical development for possible errors or defects.

Therefore, the scanner was also subjected to a wide array of tests in the lab and in the car in order to guarantee flawless operation throughout the life of the vehicle. At the end of all this, he undertook a final evaluation of the product and issued the customer sign-off.

‘As a mechanical engineer, I have a certain professional ethic – I give my all to ensure that the customer gets the best possible product,’ explains Reitzig. ‘Today, I can play a part in making driving less stressful. My dream as a long-term commuter? Having my car pick me up at the plant and drive me home for the weekend!’ His work on the Audi A8 has brought Reitzig a good deal closer to his goal.

Laserscanner auf Riffelblech
Thanks to a 145 degree aperture and a detection field of approximately 80 meters, the laser scanner detects reeving cars early on and thus helps the driver's security.
Audi A8
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The new Audi A8 – conditional automated at level 3

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24. February 2018 um 19:38
When the laser scanner will be available for ordering? I just ordered the new A8 and I didn’t find it between optionl. Thank you

Stephanie Huber

26. February 2018 um 16:22
Thanks a lot for your request! You cannot order the laser scanner as a single function. In Germany for example, it is part of the standard configuration. In other countries it is part of an assistance system package.

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