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We’re moving!

Storytelling can now be found at Audi.com

More information, more inspiration — now even easier to find on a single storytelling platform. We’re taking off together towards the future of communication. The advantage for you? Interesting insights as always — now grouped into even more topics on Audi.com!

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A journey back into the year 2012: whilst others were busy jumping down from outer space, we remained down-to-earth and founded our corporate blog.

It’s the year 2012: Bayern Munich’s heartbreaking loss to Chelsea in the Champions League Finale, Felix Baumgartner’s great leap, Obama’s reelection… these were the major topics that grabbed the world’s attention. Our attention was focused on another topic — not quite as earth-shattering, but still of great importance to us: we launched our corporate blog. Our goal was to offer readers an authentic look into the world of the Audi corporation — from the viewpoint of employees and bloggers.

Over the years, our authors poked their noses into many different areas of the company, telling stories from a yet-unknown perspective. And they gave us an exciting, authentic look behind the scenes at Audi. Unlike many other corporate blogs, we relied on the personal impressions of our internal authors and the impressions of well-known external bloggers such as Rob Basic (RIP), Don Dahlmann, and Nicole Scott.

Two years ago, we updated our blog with a new design and some new technical features.

Storytelling at Audi.com: even more topics, even more opinions

Now we want to reinvent ourselves yet again: of course, we want to continue telling captivating stories that get up close and personal with the brand and the people behind it. But now, we’re joining the forces of our editorial departments in order to bring you a central story platform with an even wider variety of topics.

No matter whether you’re an investor, applicant, fan, or journalist — at Audi.com, you’ll find all the Audi information you need. We’ll keep you updated about financial performance, new models, and strategic topics at Audi. We’ll inspire you with background stories from daily life at Audi and keep you supplied with information about trends, digitization, and sustainability. You’ll also find insight into the working life of our employees and information about Audi as an employer.

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What will we be offering on our new storytelling channel?

  • A look behind the scenes of a major automotive company
  • News coverage featuring individual employees
  • Presentation of our new models via live stream

What is different at audi.com?

  • New features such as the estimated reading time for each article
  • More topics such as sustainability, career, and mobility & trends
  • Even more information about our current models and about Audi Sport

Our reading suggestions on the Audi blog:

Luftbild Werk Audi Ungarn

Back to the 90s: Take a trip back in time to the opening of the Audi plant in Hungary, and learn how Audi’s arrival in the tranquil city of Győr turned it into a hub linking east and west..

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Audi e-tron Technikträger fährt Skischanze hoch

Now off to the slopes: Rallycross world champion Mattias Ekström fought his way up the 85% gradient at the Mousetrap at Kitzbühel’s in the Audi e-tron. Find out here whether the technology was up to this immense challenge.

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Concept Car Audi Aicon mit offener Tür

Off to the future with three theories about mobility: Read how a networked smart city could solve global problems and what’s behind the vision of a “naked passenger”.

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And we’d like to present one more theory in closing: we will remain your go-to Audi storyteller and look forward to inspiring you with more great stories at Audi.com.

Your Audi Blog Team

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