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What’s new on the Audi Blog?

For five years, the Audi Blog has been revealing what’s behind the company’s curtain. Now, the storytelling channel has reinvented itself and has become an influencer platform. Stephanie Huber about the changes made to the blog.

Unadorned, subjective stances don’t go well in a corporate blog? Not in our experience and especially not in the new Audi Blog. Because with the relaunch of the website, we have opened our story hub for even more diverse opinions – which also includes personal impressions of our employee’s reports, as well as coverage from important social influencers from Germany and the world.

Why we decided to go this way? Because people are interested in other people’s opinions. Truism number one in this text. Stay tuned, for another one will follow.

Audi Blog Opinion
More diverse opinions – that’s what’s more frequent in the editorial plan of the new Audi Blog.

The Audi Blog as an influencer’s habitat

How is the driving experience in the new Audi A7? What does it feel like to take your hands of the wheel at the speed of 100 and hand over the steering control to the car? What’s more convenient to use: touch display or buttons? All these questions, and more, are researched and answered by various external authors from their perspective. And to be able to identify their opinion as such, we have created a new category. Not surprisingly, the name of the category is: Opinion.

Influencer on the Audi Blog

The Audi Blog as a second home for influencers: We show their profiles on the homepage, link to their channels via personal profiles and publish their opinion pieces on our corporate blog regularly.

Influencers do not only appear more prominently on the new blog with their coverage. They also stand in the limelight on our homepage with an extensive and personal profile. Thus, we have made the Audi Blog more diverse in terms of style and opinions and transformed it into the influencer’s second habitat.

In addition to the opinion of our authors, our user’s opinion plays an important role for us. Therefore, since the relaunch, anyone can comment on our articles under consideration of the netiquette. We welcome objectively expressed criticism as much as praise.

New favorite function: tweet-this

Of course, exchanging views about our blog’s content is also possible through social media. For this we have integrated a sticky toolbar containing the most important social platforms, which moves along while scrolling, thus makes sharing easier. Another new feature is the possibility to share content via What’s App or – and this is my personal favorite feature – via tweet-this. How it works? Just mark the desired text passage with the mouse or the finger and a small Twitter birdie will appear instantly. And after two more clicks, the quote will find its way into the Twitter world.

Via the so-called sticky toolbar, the most important social media platforms are integrated – they stick at the side while scrolling.


Found an interesting quote? Then just highlight the specific text passage and share it on Twitter.


With just a few clicks, a quote from the Audi Blog is thrown into the Twitter universe by using the tweet-this function.


For citations finding their way into the Twitter cosmos, we will bring our content even more to the point and put our focus on strong content. After the relaunch, “Content is king” applies now more than ever. This is why we’re putting people in the spotlight. Because – and this is truism number two in this text – people are interested in other people. To put it more specifically, it is about: What moves people at Audi? How do they work? Which visions move them forward?

The Audi Blog in a completely new design

“Content is king” is the motto. But not the only one. The packaging also counts. This is why we have fundamentally changed the design of the new Audi Blog: full-format photos, videos on the start page, content that reloads when viewed in the viewport, social media buttons that move along when scrolling, a reduced, minimalist header and much more. The only two things that have remained the same are the logo and the well-known Audi font.

In terms of content, functionality and appearance, the blog has evolved with the relaunch and has finally grown up. And it has even learnt a new language: The corporate blog is finally available in English. Who said that growing up is no fun? To the next five years.

Audi Blog Devices
We’ve changed the Audi Blog significantly with the relaunch: What has remained is the logo and the Audi font.

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Steve Smith

3. January 2018 um 21:13
Will Audi bring the SQ7 diesel to the USA in 2018, and if so, when?

Stephanie Huber

9. January 2018 um 13:09
Dear Stephen, our colleagues at Audi of America have information on the plans for models in the US market. Have you been in touch with them, concerning the Audi SQ7 TDI? Your Social Media Team at Audi Communications